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Fastest Freight Forwarder in Los Angeles

E-Freight Logistics provides transportation and brokerage services throughout world. We can move or clear your freight anywhere in the world via air, sea or land and guide it to its destination. Throughout history, world trade has been the backbone of most nation’s economies. Today, international trade is increasing in importance as communication technologies are bringing suppliers and consumers throughout the world closer than ever. We have years of experience and are ready to serve you as the fastest Freight Forwarder with our top tier service.

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I needed a package sent to Iran, and my friend recommended me to call E-Freight. I gave them a call and from the moment they answered the call, they were professional, and true experts in the field. They delivered my package on time, gave me one hell of a price, and they were very courteous. Highly Recommend E-Freight as Freight Forwarder!
Rick Johnson
Need a package sent abroad, with great pricing and tracking? Well this is the place. The staff is friendly and they are fast freight forwarder.
Our business has been coming here for a long time and will keep coming back. SHOUT OUT to the men at E-Freight for their great service!
Donald Heath
Highly recommended, great customer service also fast safe delivery at a promised date and time. I needed a package to be delivered in Iran in 3 days i was so worried that what if they couldn’t deliver on time however the package was received just fine and I am very pleased by them and very appreciated. THANKS E-FREIGHT!
Moe Rahman

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