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The co-founders of E-Freight Logistics have been in the shipping industry for years. They have been employed as managers for multi-billion dollar freight companies, working with companies small and large, and know the business in and out. After working for numerous companies, they felt the lack of a personalized customer experience, and decided to start a service that would go above and beyond to meet their clients needs.

This is the philosophy that led to the birth of E-Freight Logistics, LLC. A company founded on the core principals of customer satisfaction, meeting deadlines, and giving customers an experience that will keep them coming back.

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E-Freight Logistics provides transportation and brokerage services throughout the United States and the world. We can move or clear your freight anywhere in the world via air, sea or land and guide it through the myriad of red tape that can accompany it. Throughout history, world trade has been the backbone of most nation’s economies. Today, international trade is increasing in importance as communication technologies are bringing suppliers and consumers throughout the world closer than ever. As this continues to increase, so will importing and exporting. Every day, businesses are discovering that the world as a whole is a huge market which is relatively easy to jump in. We can help you do it.

One aspect of international trade, however, is often overlooked: THE ACTUAL MOVEMENT OF GOODS. As world imports and exports increase, it is increasingly important for you to move your goods as quickly and cheaply as possible, whether your client needs your goods next month, next week or yesterday. In addition, governments haven’t gone anywhere and there are often huge amounts of regulations regarding the transport of goods across national boundaries.

This is where E-Freight Logistics comes in – We are transportation experts who provide personalized, customer tailored services, whether its projects or routine freight.

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